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Imposter Syndrome in K9 Training and Adding Value in the Dog World

What to listen for:

In today’s episode, Stacy, Robin, and Crystal talk about overcoming imposter syndrome as a dog trainer, with a particular focus on what it means to “own” your training methodology.

According to our hosts, a great trainer is able to package existing concepts into a cohesive framework that not only can be applied, but also adjusted on a dog-to-dog and team-to-team basis.

Put another way, the lessons you teach as a trainer in 2023 are almost never wholly original, but what you own is the way you synthesize different ideas and the unique spin you put on them as you teach those lessons!

Key Topics:

  • Why dog trainers don’t tend to look outside their discipline (05:25)

  • Synthesizing training concepts to make them your own (10:42)

  • Approaching dog training with curiosity (19:58)

  • Why coaches should never ask their students “why” (24:01)

  • From “soft” skills to “power” skills (29:14)

  • Getting through to your dog (36:07)

  • The line between making something your own and plagiarism as a trainer (41:36)

  • What to do if you have no one to train with or learn from (49:32)

  • Takeaways (53:34)


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