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Don’t adapt to the energy in the room. Influence the energy in the room..png

"Don't adapt to the energy in the room.
Influence the energy in the room."
- Author Unknown

Mindfulness helps us control our feelings and energy instead of reacting to external stimuli. We are responsible for how we feel and how we act, regardless of the situation, pressure, other people and the environment. Trials and certifications are just another day to our dog, so let's get control of ourselves and make every day a little better than the previous.

We have the ability to directly influence our mental and physical health with our emotions and beliefs. 

There is a great resource called the DBT Skills Training Handouts and Worksheet Workbook that goes into detail on all the skills above. It is a great guide for applying DBT but is even more effective when used in a clinical setting.

How To De-Stress In 5 Minutes Or Less

The easiest and quickest way to calm your anxious mind is to breathe in and breathe out. Research indicates that there is a correlation between the way you breathe and the way you think and feel. Diaphragmatic breathing, "strike the ideal balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood, triggering various internal mechanisms that promote relaxation," notes Dr. Symington. Practice this simple controlled breathing technique to help de-stress.

We saved the best for last! If you want to know our favorite technique for handling our competition or certification nerves like we discussed in Episode 8, complete the form below, and we will automatically send the technique that has helped us the most.

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