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A Grief Discussion with Deborah Jones Ph.D (Part 1)

What to listen for:

How can we navigate the complex and often difficult emotions of grief, particularly when it comes to the loss of our beloved canine companions? Our hosts Crystal Wing and Stacy Barnett had the privilege of discussing this very topic with their esteemed guest, Dr. Deborah Jones, a Ph.D. in social and behavioral psychology and a dog trainer with over 30 years of experience. Dr. Jones shares her incredible journey in higher education, the dog training world, dog sports, and her role as an instructor at FENZI Dog Sports Academy.

Together with Dr. Jones, our hosts delve into the various ways grief can manifest itself both as a static event and an active process, and how defining terms like bereavement and loss can be crucial for understanding our emotions. We also uncover the fascinating world of neural pathways and their influence on our comprehension and processing of grief. Furthermore, Dr. Jones provides invaluable insights on how to support someone who is grieving, setting boundaries, and respecting individual preferences.

They reflect on the transformative power of relationships with animals and the ways in which grief can shape and change us. They also examine Sigmund Freud's theories on the mysterious nature of ourselves, and introduce the thought-provoking metaphor of the "ball in the box" to better comprehend our journey through grief. Don’t miss this heartfelt exploration of grief, its impact on our lives, and the ways in which we can find healthy and meaningful ways to cope with it.

Key Topics:

  • Dr. Jones’ book: When the Loss is Deep: A Companion Animal Grief Journal (07:48)

  • Defining Grief and Grieving (16:53)

  • Losing a Best Friend (26:37)

  • Supporting Those Who Are Going Through Hardships (29:28)

  • The Stages of Grief (35:19)

  • The Ball in The Box (43:00)


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