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A Grief Discussion with Deborah Jones Ph.D (Part 2)

What to listen for:

Losing a beloved pet is an incredibly emotional experience, and as dog trainers, we've all been there. It's tough to navigate the complicated feelings of grief, guilt, and anticipation that come with this inevitable reality. That's why our hosts Crystal Wing and Stacy Barnett invited back Dr. Deborah Jones, a Ph.D. in social and behavioral psychology and a dog trainer with over 30 years of experience.

During this heartfelt conversation, they tackle the challenge of living in the moment with our pets while anticipating their eventual loss. By touching on issues like dealing with criticism, communication, and facing guilt and regret over decisions we make for our pets, Dr. Jones provides valuable insights to help us navigate these overwhelming emotions.

Together, Crystal, Stacy, and Dr. Jones reflect on ways to assign meaning and connection to our dogs, such as through the colors and patterns of their gear, creating lasting mementos that help us remember and honor them. This episode emphasizes the importance of allowing ourselves to feel and process these emotions, ultimately leading to a fuller, richer life with our canine companions.

Key Topics:

  • Feeling and Processing the Emotions of Grief (0:02:00)

  • The Hindsight Bias (0:10:46)

  • Dealing with Social Criticism and Setting Boundaries (0:17:38)

  • How to Conceptualize Grief and Anticipatory Grief (0:25:27)

  • How You Grieve Can Affect Your Relationships with Your Next Dog (0:37:24)

  • Grieving is a Process Unique to Each Person (0:52:38)

  • Takeaways (0:56:14)


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