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All Things Arson Dogs and Nosework with Lee Laubach Part 1

What to listen for:

“I have a nice-looking lab that wants to come up and be friendly with you and if all of a sudden he sits next to you and starts salivating I'm like ‘Okay, now we got to talk.’ That’s his alert, is a sit and when he smells gasoline or a light distillate he really salivates because he associates the smell of the accelerant with food, so the waterworks come on with the boy.”

Two-thirds of the Dames of Detection - Crystal Wing and Stacy Barnett - sit down with the accomplished Lee Laubach, a professional detection dog handler and Nosework judge. Lee captivates us with his unique insights into the world of arson detection dogs, sharing personal experiences and professional knowledge that are as fascinating as they are eye-opening.

Let Lee guide you through the intriguing world of arson investigations, explaining why labs are his preferred choice for detection dogs and shedding light on the types of arsonists he's encountered in his career. Gain an understanding of the qualities that make a dog a perfect fit for this demanding work.

Stacy, Crystal, and Lee delve into accelerant-detection canines. These highly trained dogs are so essential that their detection skills outperform any meter. Lee takes us through the rigorous training process, discussing the astonishing 61 different chemical combinations these dogs are trained to detect. Get ready for a riveting conversation that's sure to further ignite your interest in detection dogs and Nosework!

Key Topics:

  • Intro to Lee Laubach (00:40)

  • Using Dogs for Arson Investigation (06:11)

  • The Training of Arson Detection Dogs (11:08)

  • The Impact of Arson Dogs in Fire Investigations (13:37)

  • Community Awareness of Arson Dogs (18:19)

  • Looking Further into Accelerants (26:21)

  • Training and Retiring Service Dogs (31:54)

  • Selecting the Dog for the Job (33:45)

  • Signs and Behaviors of Arson Dogs (41:21)

  • Wrap-Up (47:54)


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