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All Things Arson Dogs and Nosework with Lee Laubach Part 2

What to listen for:

“You see two types of canine handlers on the professional side; the ones that do it as a job, and the ones doing it as a career. The ones that do it for the general love, and the ones doing it for the paycheck. And I see the ones that are doing it for the love have such a better outcome of everything as far as quality of career, to finding what they need to find, because they're willing to put in the time to do what's necessary for the dog to be successful.”

In this second part of their chat with Lee Laubach, Lee, Stacy, and Crystal further explore training and handling arson canines. Lee takes us behind the scenes, sharing the 'why' behind dogs' actions, and how understanding this can help in training them effectively.

In continuation, Lee opens up about the emotional aspect of his job and how he and his team navigated through it. He illuminates the deep bond between the handler and canine, and shares strategies used to ensure that the dog is not averse to human remains. Hear about Lee's experiences with arson dogs, and understand the blend of physical and emotional preparation that goes into their training. All this and more in this edition of The K9 Detection Collaborative!

Key Topics:

  • Intro to Part 2 of All Things Arson Dogs and Nosework with Lee Laubach (00:31)

  • Analyzing Why a Dog Acts a Certain Way in Certain Situations (01:15)

  • Arson Dog Training and Human Remains (09:05)

  • Police Work with a K9 Dog (18:01)

  • Fire Investigation (26:11)

  • Dog’s Health and Longevity (30:53)

  • Myths / Misconceptions Around Arson Dogs (33:03)

  • Bonds Between Dog Handlers and Their Dogs (43:14)

  • Takeaways (44:56)


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