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What to listen for:

Ever struggle to set healthy boundaries in your life and business? You're not alone. In this candid conversation, the Dames of Detection - Robin Greubel, Stacy Barnett, and Crystal Wing - open up about how setting boundaries, even small ones, can make us more productive, creative, and overall better professionals and individuals.

From tackling client expectations to finding a balance between giving free advice and building meaningful connections, they lay out strategies for protecting our time, energy, and well-being. They also navigate the delicate balance of friendship and business in the dog training industry and beyond.

Finally, they stress the value of self-care and acknowledging limitations as they explore the benefits of constructive feedback in certifications and trials. Learn from their experiences, challenges, and successes as they share tips and insights on how to prioritize your own well-being and commitments, and establish healthy boundaries in your personal and professional life.

Key Topics:

  • Blocking Out “Me” Time (01:38)

  • Clear Terms and Boundaries in Business (07:29)

  • Setting Expectations (13:23)

  • Knowing Your Worth (20:05)

  • “Schedule Your Priorities instead of Prioritizing your Schedule” (28:21)

  • The Delicate Balance of “Giver” and “Taker” (43:22)

  • The Value of Constructive Feedback from Judges (48:45)

  • Scheduling What’s Important, including Training (54:17)

  • Takeaways (52:12)


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