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Canine Handler Fitness with Liz Joyce

What to listen for:

Today, Stacy and Crystal sit down with Liz Joyce of Canine Handler Fitness. Since 2016, she’s worked closely with dog sport handlers of all fitness levels to improve their transferrable strength, athleticism, agility, and speed.

Listen in as Liz shares why it’s vital to keep up our level of fitness just as much as we want the same for our furry partners. “We focus so much on our K9 conditioning,” agrees Crystal, “that we fail to focus on our handler conditioning.”

The second half of our conversation focuses largely on the often-overlooked importance of injury prevention. Liz explains why she often opts for a mobility-first approach to training, her go-to stretches for staying injury-free, and deciding when it might be time to dial down the intensity of your training.

Key Topics:

  • Liz’s athletic background (01:45)

  • Getting people wired to be physically fit (07:51)

  • The secret to motivation (13:21)

  • Finding what motivates you (20:03)

  • Why begin with mobility (26:34)

  • Self-compassion (38:17)

  • Injury prevention stretches (35:00)

  • The case for doing less (39:34)

  • Addressing knee injuries (43:00)

  • Mobility exercises for handling large dogs (48:38)

  • The only piece of equipment you need to get started (50:58)

  • Our takeaways (53:39)

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