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Conquering Summits and FEMA Recertifications Part 1

What to listen for:

“When I'm getting ready for trials, I feel like that week before I'm not building new skills. I'm building the relationship and the joy of training and I'm building confidence for both of us that we both are like ‘oh yeah, we got this we're a great team.’”

Our hosts Stacy Barnett, Robin Greubel, and Crystal Wing share their latest experiences and accomplishments in canine detection training. Listen in as they recount their stats from attending and titling in multiple summits, the challenge of managing nine puppies while preparing for knee replacement surgery, and more.

They also share valuable insights on traveling with search dogs. They discuss the logistics of flying with a dog (even a 78-pound Dutch Shepherd), including the safety precautions and managing their needs during the flight. The tales of managing canine partners during extensive travel will give you a peek into the world of traveling with search dogs and the preparation involved.

From building a strong relationship and confidence with their dogs before a competition to keeping them engaged during travel, the Dames of Detection provide valuable insights for dog owners regarding summits, FEMA certifications, travel, prep, and beyond.

Key Topics:

  • Intro and Quick Updates (01:02)

  • Robin’s Travel Experiences (11:11)

  • Maintaining the Pressure of a Certification, Travel, and Stress (20:44)

  • Shifting Focus Between Dogs (33:40)

  • Testing Prep Leading Up to Certifications (38:04)

  • Searching in Different Climates (47:17)

  • Upcoming Classes and Happenings! (51:10)


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