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Functional Agility and All its Benefits

What to listen for:

"Physical agility gives them some mental agility too, and so it's giving them that well-exercised brain, and then that's helping them make decisions, helping them solve problems."

Today, our hosts Robin Greubel, Stacy Barnett, and Crystal Wing break down the components and applications of functional agility. They offer a roadmap to training and maintaining your dog’s dexterity, conditioning, and proprioception–building a priceless level of trust, confidence, and adaptability between canine and handler!

Listen and learn how methods such as cross-training and ladder work build a dog’s muscular and core strength, and how to incorporate that skill growth into search work. Our hosts talk everything from agility training must-haves and how you can structure your own backyard obstacle course using these easy-to-find supplies.

Dewclaw removal is a common point of concern for dog handlers. Many believe their non-functionality and potential to increase the likelihood of injury are causes enough for removal. The Dames of Detection, however, advocate for keeping your dog’s dewclaws, explaining that they improve grip, allow for better turns, and prevent torque on the legs, among other long-term benefits.

Overall, agility training does wonders for your dog’s focus. With greater awareness and confidence over their bodies and abilities, your furry friend can become more adaptive and efficient out in the field–on or off-leash and on any terrain!

Key Topics:

  • Defining “Functional Agility” (02:42)  

  • Examples of Agility Training Methods (09:36)  

  • Agility Training Must-Haves (and Where To Get Them) (12:11)  

  • How Training Agility Bolsters Injury Prevention (27:04)  

  • Dewclaws: Remove or Keep? (28:04)  

  • Improving Your Dog’s Focus (32:57)  

  • Key Takeaways (48:01)


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