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Getting to know Jo-Rosie Haffenden from the School of Canine Science

Today, Stacy, Robin, and Crystal are joined by animal behavior specialist and dog trainer Jo-Rosie Haffenden all the way from Spain.

With a university degree in psychology and a post-grad degree in animal behavior, Jo-Rosie spent her early career working at a rescue center before becoming an expert witness. Later on, she was on Channel 4’s Rescue Dog to Super Dog, ITV’s Teach My Pet to Do That, and finally, Channel 4’s controversial Train Your Baby Like a Dog.

Today, Jo-Rosie is an online and in-person lecturer with The School of Canine Science alongside co-founders Dean Nicholas and Nando Brown. They also offer a plethora of courses on the school’s website covering topics such as dog behavior, domestication and evolution, puppy development and socialization, nutrition, endocrinology, physiology, sociology, and much more.

Listen in as we discuss Jo-Rosie’s journey in the K9 science world, share curiosities regarding dog behavior, and why the self-paced online learning programs offered by The School of Canine Science can be very powerful learning tools for trainers and other dog behavior specialists!

Key Topics:

  • An introduction to Jo-Rosie (00:59)

  • How The School of Canine Science came to be (04:19)

  • How Jo-Rosie, Dean, and Nando teach dog science (14:16)

  • How we (and dogs) dream (18:36)

  • Scent, imagination, and puppy development (26:09)

  • Our hosts share their curiosities regarding dog behavior (29:09)

  • The benefits of self-paced online learning (35:23)

  • The dog is the learner (42:15)

  • The power of a progression plan (46:23)


  • Learn more about The School of Canine Science at

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