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Getting to Know Robin Greubel

Today, Stacy and Crystal chat with fellow co-host Robin Greubel. She, alongside her husband Joe, co-own and manage Dog Day Acres Land & Cattle Company. Robin also is the CEO of the K9Sensus Foundation which coaches the human end of the leash. 

Robin has been involved in detection work since 2001, yet remains an avid student who always aims to stay on the cutting edge by learning from groups that cover subjects beyond her expertise. In Robin’s own words, “Some of the most valuable information can’t be learned in my circle.”

As a certified Executive Coach, Robin understands that, “You can’t help anybody unless you’ve created a safe environment for them. Unless they feel safe, they can’t learn, they can’t explore who they need to be, and they can't ask questions.” It’s a philosophy that permeates everything that she does, whether she’s consulting with executives heading fortune 500 companies, faculty at Tier 1 research universities, or doing bucket training for her cows at the farm.

Join us for a lot of laughter and some insight into how she balances all of the different aspects of her life, along with some new puppies!

Key Topics:

• What drives Robin (1:23)

• What are “odor soaks?” (4:30)

• Robin’s work at Dog Day Acres Land & Cattle Company (6:35)

• How Robin’s cows undergo bucket training (8:06)

• Why Robin doesn’t buy into “work-life balance” and how she raises her two puppies (11:51)

• How Robin troubleshoots her training sessions (16:56)

• Helping handlers and trainers through K9Sensus (18:40)

• Robin’s upcoming initiatives and training collaborations (24:18)

• What brought Robin to give up corporate America for Niko the cadaver dog (31:23)

• About Robin’s narcotics dogs and her general love for labs (36:44)

• Robin’s career as an evaluator for search and rescue dogs (45:06)

• Setting standards for the detection dog industry (49:15)

• What Robin’s parents thought she did for a living (50:49)

• Robin’s closing thoughts (55:18)

Learn more about Robin at

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