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Getting to Know Stacy Barnett

Today, Robin and Crystal chat with fellow co-host and detection dog extraordinaire Stacy Barnett. She is the founder of the Scentsabilities Nosework training platform, an avid and successful competitor, as well as a talented instructor.

Stacy kicks off the conversation going down memory lane. She reflects on her long, multifaceted journey from corporate America to working with horses and, finally, to dog training, and why she decided to specialize in Nosework in particular. She also touches on the many useful skills that carried over from her previous jobs into her current work.

Stacy also speaks on the importance of collecting data when working with your dog in order to know exactly how to optimize your training—an obvious carryover from her prior career in process improvement. Join us for an entertaining episode covering how she went from training horses to competing with dogs. We cover all sorts of sh*t in this episode!

Key Topics:

• How Stacy got into Nosework (2:18)

• What carried over from Stacy’s horse work into her approach to dog training today (7:48)

• The keys to positive reinforcement (10:37)

• Managing emotions (13:38)

• What Stacy learned from raising her dog Prize (19:28)

• How a career in process improvement in corporate America translates into dog training (25:29)

• Stacy’s favorite training feedback tool (29:08)

• The most influential people in Stacy’s career and how she went from corporate to dogs (31:21)

• Hacks for traveling with pets (43:24)

• What Stacy is up to nowadays and how to get in touch (49:32)

• Stacy’s closing thoughts (52:36)

Learn more about Stacy at

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