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How Emily Lawrence Trains Competitive Tracking And Confidence

Today, we continue our conversation with competitive tracking extraordinaire Emily Lawrence!

When it comes down to it, “tracking is the great equalizer.” Emily teaches us that the key to building skill and confidence in our dog is going to be a slow, baby-step process for trackers of any level.

She reminds us that frustrating training sessions are all part of the package. It’s okay that our dog struggles because the point of training is to encourage them to push their boundaries. That said, we need to make sure we end all of our sessions on a good note, to make sure that our dog walks away happy about what they did.

Emily invites competitive trackers to enjoy the journey, to stop trying to micromanage your dog, and to try to have just a little more fun:

“Trust your training and let your dog use their superpowers.”

Key Topics:

  • How to make IGP tracking work for you and your dog (01:00)

  • Knowing exactly where your footprint is (06:19)

  • Why Emily doesn’t care about wind direction (12:40)

  • Introducing articles (16:29)

  • Building your dog’s endurance (21:26)

  • Being the only Border Collie at her last tracking competition (26:20)

  • Training a Border Collie versus a Pitbull versus a German Shepherd (33:48)

  • Teaching corners without using corrections (35:50)

  • Episode takeaways (38:10)

  • How to connect with Emily (42:00)


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