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K9 Cross Training: What Else We Do with Our Dogs

What to listen for:

Today, Stacy, Robin, and Crystal go into the benefits of cross-training. To them, the more we can do with our dogs, the better we get as trainers in every sense—and we end up with a more well-rounded dog in the process.

From the importance of keeping training fun, to the subtle differences between various tracking sports, all the way to defining your why in this profession, our hosts dive deep into their must-dos if we want to take our training to the next level!

Key Topics:

  • How else do our hosts train their dogs? (01:56)

  • Why it’s important for the dog to be having fun when training (14:43)

  • How skills from different types of training carry over into one another (23:08)

  • How cross-training gives opportunities to network with other professionals (24:39)

  • Why you should never underestimate functional obedience (28:29)

  • Different nosework sports (42:10)

  • Why do you want to do search work? (48:38)

  • Why the best types of training are those which tap into your dog’s instincts (52:24)


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