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Let's Talk About Fear on Halloween!

What to listen for:

"It's about living in the now and to keep going and to keep working and keep doing. And it's almost like behavior momentum. I think about in our training with our dogs, it's the same thing for us. It's not going to serve us so recognize the feeling, and then continue to train, continue to go, continue to do, and then what will happen will happen.”

In the spirit of Halloween, today The Dames of Detection - Robin, Stacy, and Crystal - walk us through their fears as well as fears that others have around the canine detection world. They uncover the fears and challenges around staying relevant in the industry, especially as self-employed dog trainers. They highlight the importance of keeping abreast of industry changes and adapting to new experiences and technologies.

They address the vulnerability and fear of the unknown future, and also celebrate their commitment to learning and growth, emphasizing the importance of having a supportive community. They delve into the value of collaboration and maintaining consistent quality in their work and acknowledge that meeting their own standards and others' expectations can sometimes stifle our creativity. However, they emphasize the importance of staying creative and innovative despite juggling multiple responsibilities. So have no fear - though a bit scary, this episode will not bite!

Key Topics:

  • The Topic at Hand: Fears in the Canine Detection World (02:01)

  • Fear of Not Remaining Relevant (02:54)

  • Fears and Vulnerabilities in Business and Dog Training (06:39)

  • Fear of Not Being the Expert in the Room (13:08)

  • Finding Time and Energy to Create (17:57)

  • A Key to Longevity: A Healthy Lifestyle (20:03)

  • The Fear of Letting Other People and Our Dogs Down (26:48)

  • Acknowledging Fear and How It Serves Us (31:55)

  • I am Safe. I am Loved. I am Enough (34:19)

  • Fears Others Have in the Dog World (36:25)

  • Wrap-Up (44:50)

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