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Line Handling and Dog Independence

What to listen for:

Handling a line is all about being smooth. So, slow is smooth, and smooth is fast.”

Today, our hosts Robin Greubel, Stacy Barnett, and Crystal Wing examine the essential skills of canine training and handling, focusing on developing the dog's independence while maintaining handler guidance. Borrowing from the educational world, they explore the concept of 'teacher guided, student decided' and how it applies to dog training.

The Dames of Detection then take a closer look at leash-handling skills and how different types of leashes can be used in various scenarios. They emphasize the need to find a leash that fits comfortably in the hand for maximum control and explore how shorter leashes can help develop dog handling skills. You'll also discover how to find the right amount of tension when handling a leash and how to control the slack using your feet and hands.

They then share their experiences with the effects of their body language and movements. They discuss the challenges of seeing footprints in different terrains and how to use games to challenge ourselves and our dogs. Finally, they highlight the importance of rewarding dogs for their successes on the track, using treats, toys, and verbal rewards effectively.

Key Topics:

  • The Fine Balance of Line Handling and Independence (01:55)

  • Teaching For Artistic Behavior (02:48)

  • Middle Point Between Anarchy and Logical Work (04:05)

  • The Flexi Lead (05:55)

  • Handling in Tricky Settings (12:15)

  • Line Drag and Drop (15:50)

  • Line Handling Games (20:08)

  • Finesse in Line Handling (23:47)

  • Hand Movement - “Twist of the Wrist” (31:44)

  • Sniffing Frequency and Position of the Head (35:21)

  • Looking at the Dog as a Whole (38:40)

  • There is No Shame in the Game for Using a Leash (44:46)


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