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Martha Hoffman: Bali Dogs and 5000 Hours of Observation Pt. 2

What to listen for:

“They have a huge range of warning signals, very carefully graduated, all kinds of growls, and moans, and all kinds of expressions and showing their teeth but it takes a lot to get them to bite. But touching them will do it if it's just stranger.”

Join in as K9 Detection Collaborative hosts Robin Greubel and Crystal Wing continue their conversation with Martha Hoffman, delving into the nuanced world of dog training around the world! They discuss the unique insights gained from working with various dog breeds in bite sports. Martha and Crystal explore how their photography experiences enhance her training techniques, offering a closer look at the subtle intricacies of our four-legged friends in action.

Listen in as they tackle the intricate topic of canine behavior and communication. They dissect the importance of recognizing a dog's body language to prevent bites and ponder breed-specific behaviors. The challenges of conveying sensitive dog behavior content on social media are addressed. They also delve into the behaviors of Bali heritage dogs and their unique cultural context, rounding off with a discussion on how these insights contribute to educational resources like the behavior book Cracking the Canine Code.

This episode wraps up with a riveting discussion on the intersection of emotional circuits and learning in both dogs and humans. Our hosts and Martha highlight the profound impact of emotional intelligence in training. The importance of motivation over mere training is underscored, especially in alerting behaviors where an eager but imperfect dog may outperform a well-trained but disinterested one. Discover how positive associations with training cues can build a dog's motivation and persistence, reaffirming the value of understanding and tapping into our canine companions' emotional drives.

Key Topics:

  • One of Martha’s First Gurus: Pat Cook (00:55)

  • Photography in the K9 Detection World (3:00)

  • Dog Behavior, Training, and Breed Nuances (8:10)

  • Dog Behavior and Growling (13:43)

  • Communication around Growling (20:22)

  • Breeding Dogs for Health and Temperament (28:16)

  • Dog Training and Emotions (35:24)

  • Emotional Circuits and Instincts in Training (38:33)

  • Takeaways (41:00)



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