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Mental Management and Training: It's the little things.

What to listen for:

“Finding those little ways to help you get back on track, and the appropriate people to talk to, so that you can do mental management of expectations of yourself is really important.”

Have you ever felt the weight of life’s rough roads and unexpected turns affecting your motivation to train your dogs? In this engaging episode, the Dames of Detection - Robin Greubel, Stacy Barnett, and Crystal Wing - candidly discuss this struggle, and share their experiences. They share insights and strategies that have worked for them, emphasizing that with the right structure and support, anyone can find joy in training their furry friends, even when times are tough.

Setting achievable goals and sticking to a routine are two paramount pillars of success in dog training. They recount personal stories of how even small actions like squeezing in two-minute training sessions before work have been a source of inspiration for them, even amidst adversity.

They also discuss the need to seek support from the right people and groups and the positive impact of creating balance in our lives. The Dames of Detection wrap up by emphasizing the need to recognize and appreciate our successes and the roles of our dogs in our lives.

Key Topics:

  • Intro to The Topic at Hand: Mental Management and Training (00:45)

  • The Power of Routines and Setting Achievable Goals (07:25)

  • Mixing it Up in Training (13:05)

  • Energy Levels and Mental Management (18:48)

  • Playtime and Having Fun! (24:15)

  • Mindfulness Practices (27:28)

  • Breaking Overwhelming Goals into Pieces (33:41)

  • When Things Get Heavy (43:04)

  • Wrap-Up and Takeaways (46:19)


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