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MUTC 2022 Cadaver Dog Training Reflections and Revelations

Today, Stacy, Robin, and Crystal reflect on their top takeaways from attending a three-day cadaver dog seminar held at the Muscatatuck Urban Training Center, a 1,000 acre urban training facility located near Butlerville, Indiana—affectionately referred to by the K9 community as “dog training Disneyland."

Listen in as our hosts paint a picture through their three distinct lenses of participation of the inspiring environment they shared and the value of being surrounded by a like-minded community of K9 professionals throughout the three-day seminar which included sixty handlers, six instructors, seven assistants and two helpers.

Key Topics:

  • Fostering a safe learning environment (8:57)

  • The science and craft of dog training (15:55)

  • Why “certified” doesn’t mean “operational,” and the importance of play development (17:58)

  • What our hosts found most inspiring about the seminar (26:04)

  • Why trainers should not lump behaviors (30:45)

  • Making it fun for the dog to chase and strike (36:03)

  • Having access to a like-minded community of K9 professionals (41:59)

  • The dedication of the entire group (51:40)

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MUTC 2022 K9 Sensus Photo Album (More photos being added through June 25, 2022!)

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