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MythBusting: Obedience to Odor, +R Placement, and Using the Word Always/Never

What to listen for:

“The odor that they get reinforced for may not be the odor that you think you’re reinforcing. So, odor obedience is starting by building (in my mind) a reinforcement system.”

Unlock the secrets behind the incredible resolve of detection dogs to seek out the right scent in any situation. Prepare to be inspired by their tenacity and the precise reinforcement systems that guide them toward success. From bounding into untamed thicket to swimming across lakes, our canine companions demonstrate an unwavering commitment to the odors that matter. This episode of K9 Detection Collaborative is a deep dive into the world of odor obedience, with the Dames of Detection, Robin Greubel, Stacy Barnett, and Crystal Wing.

They navigate the complexities of training search dogs, debunking common myths, and exploring effective strategies to build a dog's scent detection prowess. Discover the power of a well-timed reinforcer and how reward placement can shape a dog's ability to handle challenging environments. The conversation also illuminates how verbal markers and body language play a vital role in communicating success to our four-legged partners.

This episode emphasizes the importance of community, mentorship, and the value of recording and analyzing training sessions. By reflecting on the evolution of nosework training philosophies and the application of sound dog training principles across various disciplines, they uncover the foundations for building effective training routines. Whether you're a seasoned handler or new to the field, the insights shared here will leave you with a profound appreciation for the extraordinary skills of detection dogs and the meticulous training that hones their remarkable abilities.

Key Topics:

  • Intro to Episode and Concept (0:01:04)

  • Creating Powerful Odor Obedience in Dogs (0:02:47)

  • Odor Obedience Training and Notable Examples (0:08:31)

  • Training Puppies with Reinforcement (0:12:39)

  • Obedience Training in Search and Rescue Operations (0:15:15)

  • Using Markers in Nosework Training (0:24:28)

  • Creative Dog Training Methods and Rewards (0:30:51)

  • Myths Surrounding Nosework Training (0:39:19)

  • Takeaways and Upcoming Events! (58:30)


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