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Our Favorite K9 Gear 2022: Must-Have Toys, Clothing, and Detection Supplies

This post includes affiliate links.

What to listen for:

Are you ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday and Small Business Saturday?

We shared an extra-long episode with an extensive list of toys, clothing and detection supplies to check out!

From odors and poop bags, to training gear and car covers, all the way to baby monitors and dog Crocs, you won’t want to miss these go-to career hacks to make your life (and your dog’s) so much easier!

We're trying Amazon affiliate links to help us support the podcast so please consider checking out and buying through one of our links below.

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Key Topics:

  • Where we get our training aid delivery devices for detection work (01:03)

  • Shopping for our odors (09:03)

  • Go-to tracking equipment (12:30)

  • Where we store and transport our equipment (14:39)

  • Our favorite dog toys (21:45)

  • The benefits of using balls (35:20)

  • How about jelly balls and soccer balls? (40:45)

  • Human gear (47:09)

  • Headgear for different seasons (58:45)

  • Other small lifesaving must-buys (1:07:25)

  • Convenient lighting tools (1:11:07)

  • 8-meter flexi leash (1:16:03)

  • Clothing and shoe brands for dogs (1:17:12)

  • Harnesses that maximize freedom (1:21:21)

  • The Noggle, baby monitors, and white noise machines (1:23:17)

  • Convenient camping chairs (1:25:35)

  • Recording and editing your training sessions, and dog apps (1:26:54)



Here are some specific clothing examples we talked about. Some have links, some don't. A lot of this depends on what fits you the best, but it will give you ideas for your wish list!


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