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Progression Plans, Handler Education and Science for Practitioners with Jens Frank (pt 2)

What to listen for:

Get set for an enlightening conversation with the brilliant Jens Frank of the Scandinavian Working Dog Institute. Jens spills the secret sauce behind his team's progression plans app, specially designed to bridge training gaps for dog handlers. Experience first-hand how it simplifies training goals and prevents handlers from falling into unproductive routines. Prepare to be amazed at how this tool controls the level of arousal required for different steps, making training easier and more efficient.

In this second part of the chat with Jens, our hosts Robin Greubel and Crystal Wing, along with Jens, look into the importance of challenging your dog by hiding items in various places and depths. Jens also gives us a glimpse of his dream project that could potentially change the dog world.

Imagine a world with an accessible database of various training methods used in the world of working dogs. Jens and our hosts explore this possibility, using conservation evidence as a model. They delve into the need for scientific studies to validate the effectiveness of training interventions, given the billions spent on dog training annually. Jens also shares his wisdom on creating habits and setting specific, measurable goals for training, and so much more in this episode of K9 Detection Collaborative!

Key Topics:

  • Progression Plans (01:59)

  • Progression Plans Allow You to Evaluate Progress (07:58)

  • Hide Placement (20:13)

  • Jens’ Dreams - Conservation Evidence (27:14)

  • What other Skills Should Trainers Have? The Importance of Discipline (38:50)

  • Habit Building (43:37)


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