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Puppies, Turtles, and Internships with Julia Sirois

What to listen for:

“Conservation dogs have been around for maybe 20, 30 years, starting to grow in popularity. But more conversations need to be happening, and dogs are so amazing, and such valuable tools. Cultivating their talents to help make a difference with something like conservation work is going to be really important, especially as species start to decline more for many reasons.”

With all the amazing stories you’ve heard about our furry companions in the first 95 episodes of K9 Detection Collaborative, you probably aren’t too surprised to hear that dogs play a vital role in conservation work. Today, Stacy and Crystal interview Robin’s brilliant Intern, Julia Sirois.

Julia is no stranger to this unique world of canine detection and conservation work. As an intern at Robin's farm, she's seen it all; starting with the chaotic antics of nine Labrador puppies. But that's not all. Julia's commitment to conservation extends to turtle surveys and environmental research, all with the help of her skilled pooches.

Through her work, Julia not only champions conservation but also embodies the essence of our shared love for dogs and their remarkable abilities. Join us for this heartwarming episode that blends humor, passion, and an unwavering commitment to our furry friends and the environment.

Key Topics:

  • Welcome, Julia Sirois! (0:01:03)

  • Julia’s Journey into Turtles and Conservation Dogs (0:08:15)

  • Training a Dog to Find a Specific Species of Turtles (0:17:44)

  • Detection Dogs and Their Work in the Wild (0:21:06)

  • How Turtle Odor Presents (0:31:40)

  • Dog Training and Conservation Efforts (0:36:26)

  • Public Interest in Conservation Thanks to Dogs (0:45:42)

  • Protection from Ticks (0:46:27)

  • The most Impactful thing Julia has Learned While Working with Robin (0:53:02)

  • Silly and Heartwarming Stories from the Farm (0:56:05)

  • Takeaways and Upcoming Events (1:05:12)


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