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Setting Goals based in Gratitude

What to listen for:

After two episodes of celebrating what they and their guests were most grateful for in the past year, Stacy, Robin, and Crystal dedicate today’s conversation to their personal and professional goals in 2023!

Listen in as our hosts talk about the importance of a growth mindset and open-mindedness to new possibilities. They share why setting big goals doesn’t need to be an overwhelming process as long as your goals stay true to why you got into the world of dog training to begin with.

Our hosts also discuss why “crafting the dog” is just as vital as developing your skill set as a handler. They tell us why, when all is said and done, making the world a better place should inspire every goal you set for you and your furry friend!

Key Topics:

  • What goals mean (and don’t mean) to Stacy, Robin, and Crystal (01:58)

  • Goals, change, and fear (11:49)

  • Owning who we are (17:09)

  • Why we set goals (22:49)

  • What is your “why”? (26:35)

  • There is no “top”, and that’s okay (32:04)

  • How to set a goal (42:05)

  • Does your goal make the world better? (55:30)


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