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Story Time!

Today, Stacy, Robin, and Crystal sit down to share their personal stories about their dogs.

Sometimes, our dogs can surprise us with what they are capable of doing, sometimes even before we’ve trained them to do it! Our hosts kick off the conversation sharing the moment they felt most proud of their dogs, followed by those surprising moments where their dogs showed remarkable intelligence in the field!

They go on to tell stories of some of their most memorable assignments, including their very first deployments. They touch on some of the darker cases as well as some of the more lighthearted ones, as well as those assignments where their dogs showed a lot of heart.

Finally, our hosts talk about a time they felt overwhelmed as handlers, but pushed on anyway, reminding themselves that there is nothing more important than strengthening the relationship between you and your dog.

Key Topics:

  • Our proudest moments with our dogs (01:25)

  • The unexpected things our dogs sometimes do (15:00)

  • Our first competition/deployment (20:42)

  • A time we could read our dog’s body language in spite of exhaustion (31:11)

  • How we pushed past an incredibly challenging moment as handler (44:02)

  • Final takeaways (57:12)


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