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Stupid Question Day 2022

Today, Stacy, Robin, and Crystal answer ten listener questions for “Stupid Question Day,” though they clarify that there’s no such thing as a stupid question.

Key Topics:

  • “What is the most random breed you’ve seen doing search & rescue, nosework, or bite sports?” (02:37)

  • “For people who train nosework, are there things that we need to practice or be aware of before trialing?” (06:39)

  • “What would you do if a dog is cataloging or checking in a search area and containers for target odor before returning directly to source and doing a trained final response?” (10:42)

  • “Do I need to worry about my dog getting their tongue frozen to objects?” (20:06)

  • “Essential oils vs hydrosol for nosework: Is there any difference in how the scent call moves?”(23:40)

  • “Certain forms of sport detection require a pattern (i.e. search strategy) and other forms of nosework do not. You can actually get docked points if you do not have a search pattern that makes sense. Why is this the case?” (28:48)

  • “How many days a week do you do detection work vs other training? What’s a good balance?” “What are sport detection options for K9 teams?” (34:41)

  • “What would you consider to be foundational for a live find wilderness canine?” (44:45)

  • “Does anyone train for K9 rescue when the dog falls into rapid moving water off of the shoreline?” (54:00)

  • “What is your favorite diversion?” (54:22)


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