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Stupid Question Day 2023

What to listen for:

The time has come, once again, for Stupid Question Day! Of course, there are no stupid questions. In fact, The Dames of Detection - Robin Greubel, Stacy Barnett, and Crystal Wing - were very impressed with this round of questions!

Key Topics (Questions):

  • How do you guys manage to do everything you do and still train your own dogs? (02:21)

  • If you could do any dog sport you've never trained in before, what would it be? (08:28)

  • Does it affect your dog's scent working, sourcing ability if their whiskers are shaven? (10:52)

  • If you use a trained final response, like a down/sit, how do dogs indicate a high hide? (14:41)

  • Is there a best practice or pros and cons of single versus dual sent trained canines? (16:58)

  • Pros and Cons of Cross Training Scent Sports. (24:38)

  • Training Considerations for Dogs Who Both Track and Do Nosework (27:12)

  • Can your hunt test dog also be trained and certified in search and rescue? (35:19)

  • Moving Through the Shoulds and Should Nots (38:18)

  • Are there any trainers that you know that do a paid internship? (44:31)

  • Leaving Dogs in Vehicles While at Seminars (45:11)

  • Figuring Out What Boxes We’re In, to then Get Out (49:19)

  • Takeaways (51:09)


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