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Talking Detection Dogs with Adee Schoon Pt 1

What to listen for:

“When you're with your dog, you're working with the dog, and when he's resting, he's resting, and don't ask him to execute self-control unnecessarily. Sometimes it's necessary, but if it's not necessary, try to stay away from it.”

In this episode of K9 Detection Collaborative, Our hosts Robin Greubel and Stacy Barnett sit down with Adee Schoon, an expert in the detection field with over three decades of experience, to explore her diverse and groundbreaking projects.

Prepare to be fascinated by Adee’s incredible journey, from her early days researching scent identification with the Dutch police to her current role as a leading consultant. Robin, Stacy, and Adee delve into her international collaborations, including de-mining efforts with Apopo, detecting rust in the oil and gas industry, and groundbreaking cancer detection initiatives. Adee passionately discusses the importance of scientific validation and the ethical considerations in training and maintaining the well-being of detection animals.

In this episode, you'll also gain valuable insights into the techniques and challenges of training detection dogs and African pouch rats. Learn about the crucial role of motivation and reinforcement and the meticulous strategies needed for effective scent detection. Don't miss part two of this conversation next week!

Key Topics:

  • Welcome, Adee Schoon! (1:00)

  • Detection of Corrosion in the Oil and Gas Industry (04:30)

  • Detection Dogs and Mine Detection (10:38)

  • Balancing Motivation and Nutrition when Using Food as a Motivator (17:47)

  • Training Dogs for Landmine Detection (24:19)

  • Training Dogs and Rats for Search and Rescue Work (29:08)

  • Training Rats to Detect Landmines in Tanzania (33:08)

  • De-mining Techniques and Guidelines for Detecting Landmines (38:22)

  • Small Odor Profiles, Including Electronics Detection and De-mining (41:20)

  • Adee’s Book and its Immense Value in the Detection World (49:12)


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