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Talking the Versatility of Gun Dog Training with Jo Laurens

What to listen for:

"Basic gun dog training is just good general dog training, really. It’s outside, in a natural environment, in a sort of rural environment where you have all the distractions or environmental reinforcers that every dog is exposed to.”

Discover the world of gun dog training and its incredible benefits for both dogs and dog trainers in this engaging conversation with Jo Laurens, author, instructor, podcaster, and gun dog trainer. Not only will you learn about the foundations of gun dog training, but you'll also see how it’s beneficial to your dog’s overall behavior and obedience.

Our hosts Robin Greubel and Crystal Wing chat with Jo about the essential skills for gun dog training and how they can be translated into general dog training for any breed. You'll learn how understanding the environment as a potential reinforcer can help build a reliable recall and well-trained dog, as well as the benefits of breaking up the chain of behaviors to keep the dog guessing and learning. They also emphasize how these techniques can be used in force-free methods, leading to happier and more successful dogs and trainers.

Stay tuned as they explore Jo's online gun dog training academy, her book Force-Free Gundog Training: The Fundamentals for Success, and the accompanying Workbook. Jo shares her experiences working with different gun dog breeds and the importance of really knowing the breed you're working with. Don’t miss this goldmine of an episode that’s sure to give you some new perspective on the sport.

Key Topics:

  • Basics of Gun Dog Training (0:05:31)

  • “Environmental Reinforcers” (0:07:42)

  • Chain of Behaviors (0:08:57)

  • Foundational Behaviors of Gun Dogs (0:11:36)

  • Classes Jo is Currently Offering (0:18:54)

  • Jo’s Writing Process and Her Books (0:21:04)

  • Jo’s Variety of Breeds She’s Had (0:27:03)

  • “Working with the Dog in Front of Me” (0:36:44)

  • Clicker Retrieve (0:40:36)

  • Jo’s Plan for Her Next Book (0:53:35)

  • Takeaways (0:57:55)


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