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The Importance of Setting Hides

What to listen for:

“When you have that young dog, don’t put out that super hard hide. You don’t have that reinforcement history.”

Our hosts Robin Greubel, Stacy Barnett, and Crystal Wing discuss one of the most crucial elements of canine nosework: hide placement!

Listen in as the Dames of Detection walk us through what we need to consider regarding our environment and our particular dog’s abilities, the proper use of Q tips, as well as setting multiple hides of varying odor profiles.

They also speak on the nuances of firearms detection as compared to cadaver detection, and what you need to be cautious of when searching cars and other vehicles, as well as hides in elevated or otherwise inaccessible areas.

To wrap up, our hosts talk about the merits of adding distraction elements in training for inaccessible hides. Stay tuned to the very end to get the details on a series of upcoming classes designed to help handlers master the art of setting hides, and more!

Key Topics:

  • An Introduction to Hide Placement (02:05)  

  • Setting Multiple Hides (05:16)  

  • The Odor Characteristics of Your Chosen Hides (09:12)  

  • Noting How Your Hides Interact with Each Other (12:29)  

  • The Challenges of Car Searches (17:15)  

  • The Value of Anticipation in Dog Training (24:39)  

  • Elevated Hides (30:19)  

  • Nosework Training Versus Application (37:41)  

  • Discrimination Drills (49:53)  

  • Upcoming Classes and Events from Our Hosts! (53:37)


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