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100 Episodes In and Collaboration is Still the Key

What to listen for:

"I appreciate the fact that our little collaborative thing has allowed us to have some of these really, really hard conversations in a public format."

Welcome to episode 100 of the K9 Detection Collaborative with the Dames of Detection themselves - Robin Greubel, Stacy Barnett, and Crystal Wing!

It feels like just yesterday when our hosts first set out to create a space for sharing the wonders and challenges of canine detection. This episode peels back the curtain on the competitive spirit alive in the world of canine detection. They navigate the tightrope that separates testing from competing, and how these impact our dogs and us as handlers.

Our hosts look deeper into the world of dog obedience, dispelling myths and reaffirming the power of proper training. The conversation extends beyond the agility course, touching on the essential, yet often under-appreciated emotional and financial investments we make for the love of the sport and our canine companions.

Wrapping up, the Dames of Detection tackle the seldom-discussed topic of burnout and growth within the dog training community, drawing parallels with their experiences. All that said, the stress of competition is counterbalanced by the joy of breakthroughs and the camaraderie that only a group of like-hearted dog lovers can provide. Thank YOU, listeners, for your continued support of the podcast! Here’s to another year of episodes filled with insights, laughter, and the occasional bark in the background!

Key Topics:

  • Reflecting on Where It All Started 100 Episodes Ago (00:48)

  • Search and Rescue Training, Competitions, and Certification (02:53)

  • Search and Rescue Mentorship and Training Challenges (11:14)

  • Obedience Training for Search and Rescue Dogs (16:18)

  • Dog Training and Competition Costs (both monetarily and emotionally) (25:58)

  • The Challenges of Competition (34:37)

  • Burnout and Rebirth with a Focus on New Skills and Excitement (49:14)

  • Personal Growth Through Competition, Collaboration, and Kindness (53:10)

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