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All things Area Search/Live Find SAR

What to listen for:

“We're dealing with a dog who has its own set of motivators. And so we just need to always be conscious of the fact that we can reinforce at any point along the chain.”

Unleash the power of your canine's nose and transform your four-legged friend into a search-and-rescue superhero with insights from our hosts, Robin Greubel, Stacy Barnett, and Crystal Wing. They navigate the complex training terrain, from crafting the perfect final response to harnessing the nuances of canine olfactory prowess, and offer up a treasure trove of practical advice that's essential for anyone looking to master the art of air scent search and rescue with their dog.

As the Dames of Detection unravel the challenges of search and rescue, they emphasize the critical role of an effective alert technique. Through laughter and learning, they shed light on the various alert styles and the impact of environmental factors on search strategies, all while keeping their canine companions' well-being at the forefront.

Key Topics:

  • All Things Area Search (00:44)

  • Search and Rescue Certification and Canine Behavior (02:26)

  • Runaways (07:17)

  • Training Search and Rescue Dogs (18:00)

  • Training a Dog to Return to its Handler (24:00)

  • GPS Tech in Dog Training (36:46)

  • Dog Training, Reinforcement, Search Techniques, and Generalizations (41:32)

  • Takeaways (51:29)


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