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Bomb Dog Research, Odor Purity, and Research Update with Dr. Lauryn DeGreeff, Dr. Michele Maughan and Jenna Gadberry

What to listen for:

“It's sort of like giving a chocolate cake recipe to different people. Just because you gave them the same chocolate cake recipe, the cake molecularly may not be the same because you may level off your one cup of flour. I may do heaping cups of flour. It will still go boom, but it [the varying makeup of different explosives] doesn’t smell the same to the dogs.”

Our hosts Robin Greubel and Stacy Barnett dive headfirst into the high-stakes world of canine explosive detection with an esteemed panel of experts, Dr. Lauryn DeGreeff, Dr. Michele Maughan, and Jenna Gadberry. As they dissect the complexities of non-detonable canine training aids, you'll get a rare behind-the-scenes look at the intricate dance of odor chemistry and the safety measures paramount in training with both traditional and peroxide-based explosives. Safety for furry detectives and their handlers leads the charge in the discussion, as they navigate the laboratory and field labyrinth to analyze the effectiveness of different training aids.

Ever pondered how a detection dog's nose works like a sophisticated bio-sensor, dissecting the world's odors? Our hosts and guests tackle the unfortunate issue of variability in training aids. With insights from Dr. Nathan Hall, they unravel the scent detection conundrum, especially when dealing with volatile compounds. Drawing from real-world applications and scientific scrutiny, this episode uncovers the essential need for multifaceted exposure and stringent training to enhance the fidelity of our four-legged bomb detectors.

Join us as our canine detection experts confront the challenges of contamination in training aids and champion the cause for greater investment in olfactory science, all while navigating both perspectives of peer-reviewed research and its real-world implications.

Key Topics:

  • Introducing Dr. Lauryn DeGreeff, Dr. Michele Maughan, and Jenna Gadberry! (0:00:45)

  • Explosives Dogs and Training Aids (0:02:04)

  • Working with Green (naive to odor) Dogs (0:07:40)

  • Dog Training Aids, Inconsistency, and Quality Control (0:12:38)

  • Explosive TTP’s (0:16:59)

  • Training Aids for Explosive Detection Dogs (0:19:03)

  • Training Aids and Quality Control (0:26:51)

  • Canine Detection Capabilities and Training Aids (0:33:40)

  • Risk Assessment around Canine Explosives Work (0:38:44)

  • Explosives and Aids Aging (0:49:32)

  • Canine Scent Detection and Research (0:58:22)

  • Takeaways and Wrap-Up (1:07:05)


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