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Canines as the Original Biosensor & Odor/Scent Chemistry with Dr. Lauryn DeGreeff

Today, Stacy and Robin sit down with Dr. Lauryn DeGreeff, who has worked in analytical chemistry in support of canine detection for over a decade. She received her Ph.D. in Chemistry with an emphasis in Forensic Science from Florida International University, and her research focuses on the sampling, characterization, and delivery of human odor, living and deceased, for the purpose of canine detection.

In this episode, Stacy and Robin ask Lauryn questions like “Did the FBI actually advertise for a research scientist?” and “Do you think you'll ever invent an instrument that will replace a dog's nose?”

Lauryn reflects on her work and research, expounding on her work collecting human scent with scent vacuums, and using that library of scents for dog testing. She explains why blood testing is fun and why the Springer Spaniel she did it with was the best dog for the job. They discuss the ease of FBI funding in contrast to the hustle needed for university funding and how to get funding, as well as how the FBI recruiters research. She dives into her work at the Naval Research Laboratory and working as a victim subject in an airport.

After 10 years in the field, Lauryn decided to write a book, which she explains the making of before diving into the work she follows and the work she’s currently doing.

Key Topics:

  • How Lauryn got involved in the K9 world (1:07)

  • Human scent research (4:09)

  • The logistics of scent collection (8:28)

  • Blood detection dogs (13:11)

  • Funding research (17:52)

  • Working at the Naval Research Laboratory (22:59)

  • Writing her book (28:01)

  • The best and worst pieces of instrumentation (39:32)

  • What a layman should watch for when reading peer reviewed journals (53:59)

  • Whose work Lauryn follows and what she’s up to (56:21)

  • Hypothetical research dreams (59:17)


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