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Tinkering and Creativity in Training

What to listen for:

“I look at the dog and if something goes wrong I say, ‘Thank you for the information.’ As dog trainers, we modify behavior and in order to modify behavior we have to be able to take good data.”

Our hosts Robin Greubel, Stacy Barnett, and Crystal Wing explore the intricate dance of dog training, where the art of tinkering plays a pivotal role in shaping the behaviors of our canine companions. They share personal tales from the trenches, revealing how the subtle art of adjusting techniques in real time can lead to profound breakthroughs. From the delicate balance of arousal in bite work to the pivotal impact of duration on behavior, they dissect the nuances of training that often go unnoticed.

This episode takes you on a journey through the varied landscape of dog training, where every dog's unique personality demands a tailored approach. The Dames of Detection journey through the challenges and triumphs, emphasizing the importance of confidence, clarity, and the willingness to embrace failure as a source of invaluable insight.

Dive into the realm of creative training approaches and problem-solving techniques. They dissect the myriad ways in which we can adapt our strategies to the individual needs of our dogs, from the use of a cricket cage to teach a proper final response to employing a frozen bird in a sock to overcome retrieval aversions…and more! So tune in and gain a fresh perspective on how a deep understanding of your dog's focus and reactions can transform the training experience into a harmonious blend of patience, reinforcement, and innovative thinking.

Key Topics:

  • The Topic of the Day: Tinkering (00:58)

  • Tinkering in Training: When is it too much? (02:42)

  • Comfort Levels in Training (08:01)

  • Handling Failure in Dog Training (12:32)

  • The Importance of Observation in Dog Training (18:21)

  • C.O.U.R.T (Criteria, Observation, Understanding, Reinforcement, Timing) (27:06)

  • Dog Training Methods and Individualized Approaches (30:28)

  • Creativity in Training (36:06)

  • Crystal’s Tinkering Success Story (41:00)

  • Robin’s Tinkering Success Story (43:52)

  • Stacy’s Tinkering Success Story (46:02)

  • Takeaways (53:34)


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