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Distraction Camp 2023 Download

What to listen for:

“As long as you’re being kind to your dog and how you’re training is very simple, straightforward and you’ve sliced things thin enough, how you get there, as long as the dog learns it effectively and efficiently, doesn’t really matter.” “It comes down to clarity and fairness.”

Join the Dames of Detection, Robin Greubel, Stacy Barnett, and Crystal Wing, as they recount their exciting two weeks of Distraction Camp. They share the ups and downs of the camp, from adapting to unpredictable weather to observing the significant growth of the “campers.”

Listen in as they discuss teaching methods, creative solutions to challenges, and the thrilling progression of skill improvement among the campers. The joy of witnessing this evolution, combined with the stimulating conversations had while teaching, made the camp a truly enriching experience. Tune in for all the nitty gritty details!

Key Topics:

  • Opening with Some Highlights (02:55)

  • The Importance of Trust in Dog Training (09:11)

  • Organization and Flow of the Event, much thanks to Crystal (12:09)

  • Reading the Dog, On and Off Odor, and Focus Level (18:28)

  • Adversity of Distractions (24:34)

  • Odor Spectrum and Robin’s Course (27:01)

  • Kind vs Wicked Learning Environments (35:43)

  • Extra Fun Perks of Distraction Camp (38:33)

  • The Importance of the Details (40:55)

  • The Amazing Interns of Distraction Camp (45:39)

  • Wrap up (47:30)


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