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How Do You Define Struggle?

What to listen for:

“You really have to be observant and try to see, ‘what can my dog cope with, versus what can't they cope with?’ And ‘what's going to be the downstream implications of doing that?’”

How do you define “struggle” in dog training? Today, our hosts, the Dames of Detection, Robin Greubel, Stacy Barnett, and Crystal Wing are breaking down just that, sharing potent personal stories that will shift your perspective on canine learning curves. Together, they probe the gap between expectation and reality, dissecting how 'struggle' can embody both momentary challenges and the broader journey toward canine mastery.

Navigating the delicate dance between pushing your pooch and knowing when to pull back is an art form. Our hosts take us through strategies to avoid overwhelming your companion, including the art of breaking down tasks and considering external factors like climate, all while keeping your dog's well-being at the forefront.

We wrap up the convo with an exploration of stress — not all stress is bad, it turns out. Distinguishing between the type that fosters growth and the kind that hinders it, Robin, Stacy, and Crystal share relatable anecdotes that illustrate how to harness the right amount of challenge in training. All this and more in this episode of K9 Detection Collaborative!

Key Topics:

  • Defining Struggle in Dog Training (01:32)

  • Embracing Struggle as Part of the Learning Process (03:59)

  • “Lumping” in Dog Training and How it Can Impact Performance (13:08)

  • The Fine Line Between Challenge and Stress (17:57)

  • Embracing Imperfection in Dog Training (21:21)

  • The Importance of Repetition (23:47)

  • Problem-Solving and Fresh Perspectives in Dog Training (32:48)

  • The Necessity of Healthy Stress in Dog Training (35:48)

  • Wrap-Up and Takeaways (47:49)


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