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Intentional Detection Dog Handling

What to listen for:

Today, Stacy, Robin, and Crystal explain how being intentional with your handling helps accelerate your dog’s understanding of your goals for them as a trainer!

By “intentional handling,” our hosts refer to putting together a routine that creates consistency and predictability in your dog training. To them, clarity is kindness, and having intent in every training session builds a sense of expectation in your dog that gets them to the goal more efficiently.

Ultimately, the two steps to intentional detection dog handling are to observe and adjust. “If you can observe and adjust before you do the thing,” say our hosts, “the thing will become more consistent.” Cycling through these steps helps trainers decide how, where, and when to use reinforcement, and how to correctly use cross-training to create a well-rounded dog.

Key Topics:

  • Being intentional with your handling (01:52)

  • Clarity as kindness (07:11)

  • Finding the rhythm of your training (15:33)

  • Observation first (22:44)

  • The difference between a lifeline and a cadaver dog (30:47)

  • How your posture influences shaping training (39:24)

  • It’s not the excitement but the energy (44:04)

  • Creating a well-rounded dog (48:17)

  • Our closing thoughts (53:33)


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