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Interview Reflections, Habit Stacking and a Stretching Challenge!

What to listen for:

Today, Stacy, Robin, and Crystal reflect on their biggest takeaways from speaking with previous guests Liz Joyce, Bobby Lyons, and Melissa Stagnaro, where everything from self-care to physical fitness to search-and-rescue sport was covered.

Listen in as our hosts highlight the value of making incremental progress in our fitness and skill development, and how the right coach can help us instill the habits we need to maintain our progression plan.

Crystal talks about her journey to overcoming stress eating and how paying attention to her own body during training translates into how she assesses her dogs’ movements and behaviors. She also discusses the importance of taking the pressure off of yourself and your dog, and why search-and-rescue sport is a great demonstration of the power of fun training sessions.

Finally, they share how just three minutes of stretching a day results in a domino effect that allows you to grow holistically in your physical fitness and capabilities as a trainer.

Key Topics:

  • Habit stacking, “feeling” progress, and having a driving force behind the habit (04:05)

  • The importance of having the right coach at the right time (07:12)

  • Body awareness (12:21)

  • Getting your nutrition in order (16:10)

  • Training alongside your dog (24:37)

  • Compensating for physical limitations (28:44)

  • Taking the pressure off (38:16)

  • Helping your dog feel more confident in themselves (49:00)

  • Our takeaways (55:51)

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