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K9 Sci Con with Dr. Lauryn DeGreeff

What to listen for:

Discover the fascinating world of canine detection and odor science as Stacy and Crystal chat (for the second time!) with special guest, Lauryn DeGreeff. Lauryn is hosting an exciting conference at the end of May that brings together experts in the field to share their knowledge and the latest research. You’ll be amazed by the impressive list of speakers and topics, ranging from the Canadian Police Canine Association to crab-sniffing canines!

The field of canine science has seen a shift towards collaboration and in-person conferences. Workshops play an important role in generating new ideas. Additionally in this episode, you’ll get a glimpse into Lauryn's research interests and how she ensures her work has immediate use within the canine community. With a wide range of subjects explored, from detecting graves from the middle ages to training dogs to differentiate between marijuana and hemp, there's something for everyone in this episode and at this event!

Key Topics:

  • Canine Detection and Olfaction Science Conference (01:03)

  • Collaborative Canine Science (10:25)

  • Conference Planning and Details (16:00)

  • Odor Detection and Forensic Science (26:04)

  • Detection Dogs and Technology (32:48)

  • Updates on Lab Projects (42:55)

  • Canine Handler Training & Scientist Collaboration (49:09)

  • Canines: The Original Biosensors book (53:44)


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