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More on K9 and Human Motivation

Today, Stacy, Robin, and Crystal continue their conversation on motivation. While they believe that it takes more than knowledge to create action, they do caution trainers with a thought-provoking question: “Are you having a motivation problem or a follow-through problem?”

Listen in as our hosts discuss the underlying principles that inform motivation, including the importance of creating a safe environment for your dog, and from there instilling a habit of focus and mastery by teaching one specific behavior per session.

They also share why dog training, done right, can be one of the most humbling activities you can do, and that the key to success lies in sticking to a consistent training framework and adapting that framework to the individual dog you happen to be training that day. Our hosts remind us to constantly ask ourselves:

“When you set up your training, are you doing it to make you happy and to feed your motivation? Or are you doing it to train your dog?”

Key Topics:

  • Creating a habit of focus (1:20)

  • Being more conscious about teaching only one behavior at a time (08:34)

  • Confidence, motivation, skills, stamina (11:33)

  • Meeting our dogs where they are at (16:19)

  • Why dog training can be the most humbling thing you’ll ever do (22:22)

  • Clarity and consistency (25:55)

  • The value of variety in dog training (34:57)

  • Why use training logs (46:17)

  • Developing an unstoppable mindset by using adversity to your advantage (48:09)

  • Final takeaways (52:40)


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