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Reflections on Ronny LeJeune, Christi Raak, and Jill Kovacevich

What to listen for:

Step into the world of canine detection with the Dames of Detection, themselves - Robin Greubel, Stacy Barnett, and Crystal Wing - as they journey through the three most recent guests, Ronny LeJeune, Christi Raak, and Jill Kovacevich, and share unforgettable insights from these value-packed episodes of K9 Detection Collaborative.

Key Topics:

  • Recapping Dog Nutrition, Fitness, and Health with Ronny LeJeune (01:49)

  • Recapping the Chat with Christi Raak (12:00)

  • Recapping the Nosework Talk with Jill Kovacevich (32:04)

  • Today’s Takeaways (44:30)


Ronny LeJeune:

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