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Talking Nutrition, Fitness, and Training with Ronny LeJeune

What to listen for:

“Because the sports stuff comes after, in my opinion. I need to live with these dogs. So having those foundations and making sure I can understand how to fulfill their needs to make sure that they are happy and fulfilled. That's priority number one for me.”

Ever wondered about the secret formula to a healthy, happy, and well-trained dog? Our hosts, Robin Greubel and Crystal Wing get up close and personal with Ronny LeJeune, a certified professional dog trainer, canine fitness trainer, and canine nutritionist. Ronny, owner of Perfectly Rawsome and Optimal Canine, steps us through her fascinating journey from graphics and marketing to the dog-loving world she now inhabits. She discusses her past with her lovable GSP, Quest, and how her previous dog, Loki, opened her eyes to the captivating world of detection training.

Ronny demystifies the foundations of dog training, emphasizing the importance of freedom, especially for high-energy breeds like her GSP, Quest. She shares valuable insights on teaching recall and engagement, and the art of mastering arousal control. But Ronny's expertise doesn't stop at obedience training; she's a guru in canine nutrition too. Listen as she navigates the world of dog food, sharing invaluable tips on how to order the right products and craft a diet that ensures optimal performance.

From paddle boarding to dock diving, Ronny opens up a whole new world of dog sports and training options. She shares her experiences in cross-training her dogs for both physical and mental fitness. They also dig into the importance of choosing the right harness for your dog, and Ronny shares her tips for avoiding common issues like shoulder problems. With a mix of practical advice, expert insights, and heartfelt dog stories, this episode is a treasure trove for all dog trainers!

Key Topics:

  • Intro to Ronny and Perfectly Rawsome (0:00:42)

  • What Brought Ronny to Hunt, Point, Retrieve Breed (0:03:03)

  • Understanding the Needs of High-Drive Dogs (0:09:05)

  • The Foundation Behaviors that Are So Important (0:12:03)

  • Building Foundations with Patience Rather Than Pushing (0:18:06)

  • What Came First for Ronny? Fitness or Nutrition? (0:20:20)

  • Looking at the Whole Picture in Canine Nutrition (0:26:02)

  • Increasing Performance (0:29:25)

  • Electrolytes and Hydration (0:35:33)

  • Bone Broth and Bone Broth Powder (0:39:28)

  • How Does Ronny Do It All? (0:46:00)

  • Cross Training and Different Canine Sports and Training (0:48:32)

  • Fitting a Harness and Types of Harnesses (0:51:58)

  • Takeaways (0:59:03)


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