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Being Coached Hard to Advance Your Training

What to listen for:

“My job as a coach is not to identify your destination, but your goal, and to help you identify and remove roadblocks to your goal.”

Today, our hosts Robin Greubel, Stacy Barnett, and Crystal Wing unearth valuable lessons from coaching humans that handlers can apply when training canine companions.

They talk about what it means to create an environment conducive to learning, cultivating a delicate balance of pushing boundaries while remaining supportive of your trainee, and what it really takes to unlock the full potential of your learner–human or canine!

The Dames of Detection also give their thoughts on the importance of understanding learners’ unique learning curves, the keys to clear communication, and how to hold your learner to a high standard without falling into the trap of abuse, however the word may be defined.

They also discuss the art of coaching different breeds and personalities and laying the groundwork for search and rescue training according to the strengths and preferences of your unique dog.

Key Topics:

  • How Athletic Coaching Applies to Dog Training (02:00)

  • The Benefits of Crafting a Safe and Supportive Learning Environment (04:20)

  • Helping Learners Identify and Create a Roadmap Towards Their Goals (07:17)

  • What It Means to Coach “Hard,” but Not to the Point of Abuse (12:42)

  • Five Tenets to Keep in Mind When Training Dogs (and Coaching Handlers) (20:01)

  • Why It’s Important to Identify Your Dog’s Struggles and Preferences (28:34)

  • The Necessity of Having Reasonable Expectations and Goals (37:08)

  • The Ideal Coach (46:25)

  • Takeaways (50:34)


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