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How Do You Define Success?!!?

What to listen for:

“Success is the joy that we have with our dogs and the relationships that we're building.”

Ever wondered how small victories can pave the way to grand achievements with your canine companion? Our hosts Robin Greubel, Crystal Wing, and Stacy Barnett, come together for an insightful discussion on the nature of success in canine detection training. They give us the scoop on how to set SMART goals that embolden both you and your canine teammate, and why falling in love with the training journey is just as important as the results.

This episode doesn't shy away from the personal growth and philosophical shifts that come with the territory of dog training. As the Dames of Detection traverse through their own experiences, you'll find that success isn't one-size-fits-all. They also tackle the ethical consideration of our choices, ensuring our dogs' well-being is always at the forefront. If you're curious about how our understanding and methods evolve over time, join us; we're peeling back the layers on how knowledge both simplifies and complicates our approaches.

Whether you're a seasoned handler or just starting out, get ready to be inspired to define and chart your own course of success with your loyal canine companion.

Key Topics:

  • The Dames of Detection’s Definitions of Success (03:18)

  • Understanding and Celebrating Each Dog’s Unique Abilities (08:10)

  • Balancing Legacy and Progress in Dog Sports (15:04)

  • Personal Successes with Dogs (28:34)

  • Takeaways (43:43)


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