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Reflections on the Benefits of Gun Dog Training. Thanks Jo!

What to listen for:

Today, the Dames of Detection Robin Greubel, Stacy Barnett, and Crystal Wing reflect on last week’s episode with Jo Laurens on Gun Dog Training.

All three agreed that Jo’s teachings are incredibly useful for any kind of search, sport, or working dog. They explore the concept of environmental reinforcement and how it can be utilized to train our dogs effectively. They discuss the importance of competing reinforcers and managing high-drive dogs, and how Jo's teachings have inspired them to create progression plans for their canine companions.

From teaching dogs to hold a point or sit and stay at the flush, to crate training and attachment theory, they cover a range of topics that can help you and your dog succeed in various activities and settings. Don't miss this insightful episode as they reflect on their conversation with Jo Laurens and her invaluable lessons on dog training.

Key Topics:

  • Dog Training Evolution and Prioritizing Needs (0:08:45)

  • Understanding Environmental Reinforcement (0:12:09)

  • Arousal State and Training Dogs (0:16:12)

  • Breaking Down the Learning Process into Smaller Pieces (0:23:18)

  • Achieving Control at the Point, Flush, and Fall (0:29:20)

  • Training Dogs to Drop Objects (0:35:30)

  • Additional Dog Training Techniques and Ideas (0:38:46)

  • Effective Puppy Crate Training Techniques (0:44:59)

  • Training Dogs for Quiet Behavior (0:50:35)

  • Takeaways (56:14)


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