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Talent and Desire and Our K9 Partners

What to listen for:

Today, the Dames of Detection dig deep into the meaning behind talent and desire as these often-subjective terms pertain to the world of dog training and detection work. Our hosts Robin Greubel, Stacy Barnett, and Crystal Wing share experiences and stories in an attempt to pin down what it means to have a talented dog or be a talented trainer.

How much of the equation is talent vs. training? What do temperament and genetics have to do with a dog’s success? Our hosts delve into all of this and more in today’s episode!

Key Topics:

  • First Thoughts on Talent and Desire in Successful Training (01:20)

  • “Genetics do not replace training” (07:25)

  • Too Much Pressure Can Ruin a “Genetically Favored” or Talented Dog (18:37)

  • Talent and Temperament in Successful Training (30:35)

  • What Makes a Talented Dog Trainer? (48:06)


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