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What's the Excitement about Our Dogs

What to listen for:

Ever found yourself in a tricky situation while training your dog and felt like you were trying to juggle a dog that's had a bunch of pixie sticks while the grass was on fire? Not to worry! We've all been there, and it's all about understanding and managing your canine's arousal states. Join our hosts Robin Greubel, Crystal Wing, and Stacy Barnett for a lively discussion as they bring to light their personal experiences, struggles, and solutions around the fascinating world of dog training, with a particular focus on arousal states.

They unpack just how to navigate a dog's arousal levels effectively during training, and how to pair it perfectly with their natural desire to chase. It's not a one-size-fits-all strategy; different breeds have different optimal arousal levels, and they'll share practical tips to steer that arousal into search-focused behaviors.

The Dames of Detection focus on the importance of getting your dog in the right mindset before kick-starting a search or competition. Timing is everything, and the process breakdown is key. Tune in to this episode of K9 Detection Collaborative to make your training sessions more productive and truly enjoy the companionship of your furry friend!

Key Topics:

  • Arousal States and Mental Headspace (01:08)

  • Arousal and Displacement (08:22)

  • When Arousal and Drive Meet at the Optimal Level (13:06)

  • How to Better Frame Arousal (15:17)

  • Arousal Levels During Training vs Trial (22:09)

  • Teaching in a Higher Arousal State (27:36)

  • Arousal in Different Practices (31:12)

  • Arousal States Depending on Location (37:16)

  • Perfect Arousal Levels at the Perfect Time (45:46)

  • Upcoming Events (50:46)


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