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It's All About Time...and Training

What to listen for:

“I think that it's really important for us to understand that as we're setting up hides and things of that nature, we should really be looking at it as ‘how am I putting more tools in my dog’s toolbox so they can more efficiently and effectively solve a problem?’”

Have you ever wondered how to handle the pressure of time management in the competitive world of detection dog training? Time management and strategic thinking play a significant role in maximizing points and reducing unnecessary time wastage when working with dogs in certifications and competitions. The Dames of Detection, Robin Greubel, Stacy Barnett, and Crystal Wing bring to light the importance of choosing the right call-outs and creating training scenarios that simulate pressure, thereby giving handlers a taste of the real deal.

In this engaging dialogue, they broach the subject of the social dynamics of training and its influence on performance and discuss how the pressure of not wanting to take up too much time from others can negatively impact our output. The conversation also touches upon the critical role of the handler in supporting the dog during decision-making and the nuances of managing dogs of differing motivation, speed, and detail-orientation levels. They wrap up by stressing the importance of setting definitive training objectives, maintaining mindfulness when working with others, and the need for patience while developing skills and behaviors in our dogs.

Key Topics:

  • Is Time on Your Side? (00:40)

  • Is it More Important to Finish Fast or Find All the Hides? (06:17)

  • Time Constraint is a Natural Pressure Add in Training Scenarios (13:12)

  • In a Trial, You Pay for Your Time (17:18)

  • Electronics and their Beeping Distractions (22:32)

  • Starting the Timing Early to Be on the Safe Side (24:19)

  • Not Overdoing it and Building/Maintaining the Desire for Hunting (29:02)

  • “How Do I Make My Dog Faster?” “You Don’t” (32:52)

  • Putting More Tools in Your Dog’s Toolbox (38:21)

  • The “Slower” Dog is Often the More Effective Dog (43:50)

  • The Hard Part of Detection (46:36)

  • Takeaways (50:12)


  • That Was Easy! Taking the Difficulty out of Container Distractions

Date: Thursday, September 7th, 2023

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